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  1. [Please Read!] Information About Free Readings on Fridays!
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  3. Reading
  4. [Confused!] Looking for a sign
  5. Devastated
  6. free reading
  7. hi im Terri
  8. Reading.
  9. helppp
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  13. in desperate need of help and guidance
  14. [Problem!] Desperate need of guidance
  15. On my mind so much
  16. Weird feelings...not able to shake them off.
  17. Can I get a Reading Please
  18. I would like a reading please.
  19. pls help me
  20. please help
  21. Reading please and thank you :)
  22. General read requesting
  23. In need of advice please.
  24. May I please have a general reading.
  25. marital bliss evades me
  26. I guess I'm in need of advice about myself.
  27. need advice with a health condition
  28. Reading
  29. Reading
  30. Pictures of eerie home in GA
  31. Needing some help/guidance
  32. I am new here and wold live a free reading
  33. my dad and brother
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