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Thread: How to Register on the Windsor Tarot Forum

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    How to Register on the Windsor Tarot Forum

    Write up to follow!
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    Re: How to Register on the Windsor Tarot Forum

    How to register:

    There are a couple different links you can use to begin registration. One link you will find in the yellow notification bar, and the other is in the top right corner of the page.

    Once you've clicked "register", you will be taken to another page that will ask you to choose a User Name, Password, and to enter a valid Email Address. (You will need the email to verify and complete your registration.)

    Choose a name you would like to go by in the forum. You can choose to remain completely anonymous, or you can use your real name if you like. It is recommended, that you use an alias and remain anonymous.

    Now you need to verify that you are human by entering the letters and/or numbers you see in the recaptcha box. If you cannot make out what you are seeing in the image, you have a couple options. You can either hit the speaker button and have it read it out to you (doesn't always work well), or you can click the little arrows just above the speaker to get a new image until you find one you can read.

    The next bit of information is optional. It will ask for a referrer. This is for if a member of this site referred you here, you can choose to put in that member's username.

    Next is for setting your timezone, and daylight savings time.

    After that, there are a couple check-boxes for whether you want to be able to receive emails from administrators or other members. This is checked ON by default to receive from admins, but off for other members.

    Lastly, you MUST check the box that says you agree to the forum rules before you can finish registering. It would be a good idea to read them.

    After you've agreed to the rules, you can hit the button that says "Complete Registration".

    You will be taken to a page that tells you that you have an email waiting to activate your account. Click the link in the email to activate. You will be brought back to the forum and told your registration was successful, as well as give you options for how you want to continue.

    If you do not activate your account with the email that was sent to you, you will not be able to post.

    Note: If you did not receive the activation email, please check your junkmail folder as it may have gone in there!
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