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    Hello Everyone!!!!

    Thank you for accepting me to this fabulous site!!!! Just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Sabrina and I live in Port Hope Ontario Canada, an hour east of Toronto. I've had gifts my entire life but desperately tried to deny them as I didn't know how to properly protect and ground myself...
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    Hello Everyone!

    I would like to introduce myself, My name is angelicrealmz and I am very excited to become a member of your group. I am a 41 year old mother of two. My daughter is 22 and I have a 17 year old son. I am also blessed to have a 9month old granddaughter, her name is aryelle angel, and she has...
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    [Please Read Before You Post!] Rules For Posting For Free Readings

    Rules are as follows, but are not limited to: If you are posting a picture to be read, please only post one picture unless you have been asked to post another one. If you are posting a picture, please try to post a recent picture, and try to make sure the eyes show, and that the picture is...