1. N

    please help

    Love and light to you all, I'm asking for a reading, going thru a lot with love life and career, will my ex and I reunite? If so when? We broke up a month ago or should I move on. Is there new love coming my way? What career move should I make?
  2. L

    [Attention] For Those Offering Paid Psychic Related Services

    For anyone who wishes to offer their paid psychic services, such as if you have your own website or business which brings you income offering your psychic services, we now have a section for you to post your links and give a little bit about yourself and what you offer. PLEASE NOTE: Anyone...
  3. Rosenrot


    Hi. I am not sure if this is too early. I didn't see any set hours. The reason I would like a tarot reading is so I can see how it is done online. I would like to start reading people online, but don't know how to go about and what spreads to use. So far I only know the Celtic Cross, and the 12...