Dreamt of my mother in law, who passed away

Last night, I dreamt about my mother in law, who passed away a little over 2 years ago. Her death was very unexpected. But, I dreamt that we were in a hospital, and One of my friends was giving birth to her son. I began to cry, because she had passed away 2 months before my youngest son was born. She held me, as I cried, and told me that she was there, for the birth of my son, and has been with us ever since. But, it was weird, because she was giving me an attitude in my dream. Even though she was holding me, while I cried, she came off as crass to me. She was a very "brutally honest" kind of person, but it was still weird that she was talking to me like that.
Just wanted to share this, because, even though I have gifts, I haven't been able to specifically connect with her.