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Ok so since I failed to do this on FB I guess I should introduce myself, I'm Brittney AKA OffFrittney (my nephew couldn't say Aunt Brittney when he started talking so thats what he called me and he's 14 now and it stuck), I'm 28 yrs old and Ive always had the ability to know things about people but never knew why, it wasnt until a few years ago I started working with my friend, who is insanely gifted, that I started to open myself up more, and when I did I began to receive more gifts, I haven't always had the ability to speak to peoples passed loved ones, that only came recently. Long story, I can share it if anyone wants to know specific details (kinda crazy). I am definitely still learning how to use, execute and control my gifts, so I'll be doing my best to learn and help as much as possible. Thanks for allowing me into this group, I can't wait to see how all of it goes down!!!