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Tarot Soup

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Evening! :)

My name's Holly Rose. I'm a Tarot Reader - I've been interested in card reading for over 10 years and could read regular playing cards before I knew what Tarot was. I consider myself gifted and have worked hard to hone it into a craft. I took a beginners and intermediate Tarot class with Jayne Marie March 2021-July 2021. From there I've immersed myself in podcasts, rituals and online courses by Lindsay Mack for Soul Tarot and I'm excited to share what I've learned and adapted as my own. My company Tarot Soup for the Soul officially opened in January 2022 and I'll be moving into the virtual space very soon. (If I can figure it out lol)

I'm cool with exchanging services to get a feel of the vibe out there and allow my own work to be seen.
I'm interested in community over competition. So if you're interested in Tarot, or wine, or wine and Tarot -- feel free to msg.