1. M

    pls help me

    First of all I would like to thank you in advance for reading my post and I really hope you can help me. If I only had the money to pay for a private reading I would do that but right now that's not possible so pls bear with me My family and I are going thru a major financial crisis, we are...
  2. D

    Weird graphic dream

    Forgive me for the nature of this dream. Two nights ago, I had a dream that I went to use my bathroom that is in my bedroom to urinate, when I was done, there were pebbles, small rocks and something that looked like coins in my underpants and hands. Any idea what this means?
  3. Rumas

    [Question?] How important is online anonymity to you?

    I am curious how important your privacy is to you. As Google and Facebook are forcing all of us to display our real names it's become very difficult to stay private online these days. However with Windsor Tarot you have a option to stay private or use your real name. We can also connect...