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    A funny with Mom

    Funny story, Mom and I were driving to Carlisle, KY to meet Suzy Sparrowhawk about 2 months ago... We were in the town and trying to find the building and Mom asked what the building number was. I said I didn't write it down we're psychic's, we'll be able to find it! Just light humor to mask the...
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    Kelly Devine Contact info.

    My name is Kelly Devine (real name) you can text me at 502-682-1633. I have PayPal set up, donations can be made using my e-mail My Professional FB page for Blessings Devine is: I am an...
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    Dream my sister of our mother

    my sister had a dream about our deceased mom a couple nights ago that she was on the floor crying. My sister asked her what's wrong and she said, Cancer, that's what's wrong. My mom died of cancer back in 87. Some insight on this dream and whT it could mean would be greatly appreciative...