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Kelly Devine

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My name is Kelly Devine (real name) you can text me at 502-682-1633.
I have PayPal set up, donations can be made using my e-mail
My Professional FB page for Blessings Devine is:

I am an empath with psychic, and mediumship abilities. I also scribe and read Archangel oracle cards.

I have now been doing readings for 5, almost 6 weeks and I now feel such a feeling of purpose. I also utilize Suzi Sparrowhawk as a personal guide in trying to figure out my gifts and put things into perspective. I learned a few days after learning about my gift's that my Mom is also psychic. So I have help not only from above, but from all around me.

Thankyou to the special people who have been put in my path to help me transform and ascend into a new and beautiful soul where I fit, and am able to do what I have always loved. Helping others!

Susie Bokar

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Hi Everyone...been in forum I have setup my Facebook page : Heavenly Blessings. I am an Empath Medium, Clairvoyant ,and have ability to assist those who have crossed over. For more information please pm Me through Facebook for assistance.

Heavenly Blessings | Facebook

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