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    Meaning of numbers

    Hi. Yesterday I received crystal healing and then dreamed of the numbers six and seven. I don't remember much else aside from a stranger telling me I already have six and I need seven in order to move forward. Any ideas or thoughts? Was this a result of the healing or coincidence?
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    please help

    Love and light to you all, I'm asking for a reading, going thru a lot with love life and career, will my ex and I reunite? If so when? We broke up a month ago or should I move on. Is there new love coming my way? What career move should I make?
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    [FYI] Types of Things That Can Be Posted Here

    Threads can be started for the "What's in the Box?", or "What's under the cup?" or things like that. Just putting it out there, because this was started over in the facebook group, but got a little out of hand, so we can move that over here. Post as many threads as you want; one thread per item...