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Hi. Yesterday I received crystal healing and then dreamed of the numbers six and seven. I don't remember much else aside from a stranger telling me I already have six and I need seven in order to move forward. Any ideas or thoughts? Was this a result of the healing or coincidence?
Hmmm. No. I don't believe its a co-incidence. Crystal healing tends to amp the old healing vibrations anyway, depending on the crystals used. There's a good website link in the resources section that has a good journal including numerology meanings in the threads there. As far as this dream goes, it may seem a bit odd to you but once that missing piece of info slides into place the whole picture of the dream clicks. So how many crystals did that person use for the crystal healing as it could be that they used 6 crystals to direct that healing along but you needed the extra crystal energy (amethyst springs to mind) to move forward. Alternatively, it could be directing your attention to the numbers themselves. Numbers too can be directed into the healing ball of energy as its sent along if in distant healing energy. They have quite a lot of positive attributes that connect with the lifestyle that you lead. Just a food for thought there to contemplate over!
6 is the dark or earthly world's number.

7 is the spirit number.

Perhaps you need to separate yourself from earthly/impure things, and further embrace the spirit.

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