[Please Read!] My question is about orbs

    Hello everyone I hope you are all having a wonderful day. Today I would like to ask a specific question about orbs. A member of this group and I have been doing some work around orbs in her house. Every evening she sends me multiple videos and in every single one of them there are anywhere...
  2. K

    [Info!] Orb's

    More information and poster's coming soon!
  3. CatLady

    There, not there

    I was taking a picture of my dog and cat because they usually won't sit so close beside each other. I snapped two pictures, one literally right after the other, nothing changed that I'm aware of in between shots. I do know that I am forever getting orbs whether on my phone or using my good...
  4. L

    [Please Read Before You Post!] Posting of Orb Pictures and Videos!

    This is the place to post your orb pictures for show, or for discussion. Some orbs are not actually orbs, but they are dust, bugs or lens flare, but not all. If you’re not sure whether or not you’ve caught an orb (or more), then post it and get feedback on it. Videos are accepted as well, but...