1. C

    Missing Person Info - How To Proceed

    Hi All! I need some advice on how to proceed giving information regarding a missing person. I used to do psychic readings on, back around 2003-2007. Pretty much early into doing readings, I got a call from another adviser; she asked if I could describe the person of the picture she...
  2. K

    [ALERT!] Missing Persons

    This is a new thread for Missing Persons. Post a pic of the person missing and all the details you can find. We are more than willing to HELP!
  3. Rumas

    [Question?] How important is online anonymity to you?

    I am curious how important your privacy is to you. As Google and Facebook are forcing all of us to display our real names it's become very difficult to stay private online these days. However with Windsor Tarot you have a option to stay private or use your real name. We can also connect...