[ALERT!] Missing Persons

Kelly Devine

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This is a new thread for Missing Persons. Post a pic of the person missing and all the details you can find. We are more than willing to HELP!
Hello Kelly! I am asking you for assistance with helping in finding my missing friend Tommy Cook. Tommies story begins on August 13, 2013. Tommy was living in Pueblo, Colorado with his father and apparently Tommy and his dad had gotten into a altercation causing Tommy to leave his dad's apartment in a rage. Tommy suffered from severe depression and when he left on the day in question
he left all of his personal belongings behind including his identification cards and his meds. Tommy was last seen hitchhiking from Pueblo, Colorado going back to his mother's house in Wellington, Kansas on Aug 13, 2013.
Unfortunately Tommy never made it back to Wellington, Kansas and Tommy was a family oriented guy who never went a day without contacting his mother and family and friends. Tommy has been MIA now for 5 years and still no word, no call, and zero contact with his mother and family and friends. Tommy is also a father of 2 children a daughter and a son. I am reaching out to find out what happened to him between Colorado and Kansas. I would really appreciate it if you pick up on anything to please let me know. Thank you. FB_IMG_1522287790101.jpg


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