1. M

    [Problem!] Desperate need of guidance

    My son has lost his cell phone since December . the last was used was December 22. It is still on payment plan and it a very expensive phone. I am needing help to locate this phone. Also he has a new girlfriend since November? He has been totally different even the teachers at his school...
  2. Rumas

    [FYI] Tapatalk and Forum Runner Mobile Apps on the Windsor Tarot Forum

    Yesterday I installed Tapatalk and Forum Runner are 2 separate mobile apps for your smart phone or tablet, These apps will let interact with the forum in a way intended for your mobile devices. Tapatalk is a free app for the iPhone and Android. Forum Runner how ever cost $1.99. We do not get...
  3. K

    missing cell phone

    bf lost cell phone Christmas eve and it greatly affects me too. any ideas?