Which do you prefer for WTF access?

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  • Forum Runner

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  • Desktop Site

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  • Mobile Site

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Yesterday I installed Tapatalk and Forum Runner are 2 separate mobile apps for your smart phone or tablet, These apps will let interact with the forum in a way intended for your mobile devices.

Tapatalk is a free app for the iPhone and Android. Forum Runner how ever cost $1.99. We do not get any money from this, so don't think by purchasing it you are helping us out.

For Tapatalk you can find Windsor Tarot Forum under Hobbies and Interest category. (I put it under the category of Hobbies and Interest category as there is limited categories and nothing for Psychics).

For Forum Runner you can find Windsor Tarot Forum under Society=>Paranormal category. (Again I put it under the category of Society=>Paranormal category as there is limited categories and nothing for Psychics).
If anybody think it fit better under another category let us know by posting below.

Here is each apps descriptions:
  • Tapatalk is a forum app on the iPhone, Android, webOS, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry. Tapatalk Forum App provides super fast on-the-go forum access to majority of the discussion forums that has activated the Tapatalk plugin.
  • Forum Runner The Fastest Way to a Mobile Optimized Forum. Forum Runner provides your users with native iPhone/iPad and Android apps that make it easy to use forums from mobile devices.

If any of these work for you, then I am happy to add the options. You may also post here your experience for other users with either app, I am also going to put up a poll you can vote on which apps your like best.
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Personally I like using my computer to access the site. I hate typing on my phone. Thank you for providing the other options though. My boyfriend is excited about the app because he normally uses his phone unless I am not using my computer. Then of course he is welcome to use my laptop. :)


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I like the desktop version better. For some reason, and it could be my history with forums, but desktop style seems just right.

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I'm trying both out to see which I like better. They both have pros and cons. I like the interface to forum runner better because it's more intuitive and in line with the way the site is set up, whereas with the new version of tapatalk, you have to click drop downs at at the top, I'll be playing around with it some more to see if you can tweak the layout. Tapatalk is more customizable I believe. Thank you for the choice either way!!! :)


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I agree - using my computer to access the site is easier. I have not got an ipad or an iphone so I use my computer. :p