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    Anyone good at reading pictures?

    I have one that I'd like read if anyone here is willing? Thanks. You can PM me if you'd like.
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    Morphing Pictures

    Does anyone else see pictures of people morphing when reading them? This is happening to me more and more lately, to the point where almost every picture of someone I look at changes. It started out just shifting from the expression in the actual picture, to a completely different expression...
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    Hello, I'm NightWitch. More commonly known as Stefani. I'm empathic, telepathic, and claurvoint. I can speak to spirits, pick up some things in pictures, but I'm best at tarrot card readings.
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    [Welcome!] Welcome to the Windsor Tarot Forum (WTF)!

    Hello everyone! I would like to welcome you all here to a wonderful forum for Psychics supporting Psychics! This place was put together because of the group I created on Facebook, Psychics, Empaths, Mediums, Channelers, etc. which has recently grown to the point where an actual forum has become...
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    [Please Read Before You Post!] Posting of Pictures and Videos of Hauntings / Ghosts

    In this section, you can post anything related to hauntings. That being, but not limited to, pictures or videos of things caught on camera, or just talking about experiences, etc. Faces, shadows, ghost stories (real ones), and things of that nature are examples of what belongs in this section...
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    [Please Read Before You Post!] Posting of Anomalies in Pictures and Videos

    This is the place for any anomalous pictures or videos caught on camera, as well as discussion of what is posted. Discussion of paranormal anomalies in general is also welcome in this section. Videos cannot be uploaded directly to this forum. All videos must be linked to from other video...