Lady of Light

Hello everyone! I would like to welcome you all here to a wonderful forum for Psychics supporting Psychics!

This place was put together because of the group I created on Facebook, Psychics, Empaths, Mediums, Channelers, etc. which has recently grown to the point where an actual forum has become necessary. Because of the number of rules that had to be implemented in the Facebook group, things have been getting a little out of hand, and a bit on the negative side. Here, the rules are more lax, not nearly as strict as within that group.

You will have much more freedom here. For example, you will be able to post what you like, when you like, this includes pictures on any day of the week. (One of the rules that got extremely strict mainly because of the Empaths within the group as well as the over-running of newsfeeds.

For all you Empaths, you shouldn't get overwhelmed now even with constant posts of pictures, because you won't immediately see them until you click on the thread/post to see them.

Also, everything here is sectioned off, and divided into categories so that it's easier to navigate. More sections/categories will be added as they are needed/requested.

No more issues with posts getting deleted, or thinking your post has been deleted. Our search here actually works, unlike that of Facebook. No posts will ever be lost.

So, WELCOME!!! And don't forget to have fun, and spread as much positivity as you can!