1. Rosenrot

    Starting out, kinda of

    I read tarot cards. Problem is that I have only read people that I know. I want to be able to give readings to people I don't know. I think participating in Free Reading Fridays would be a good idea, however I am kinda shy and feel uncertain of my abilities. Everyone I read (well except for one...
  2. N


    Hello, I'm NightWitch. More commonly known as Stefani. I'm empathic, telepathic, and claurvoint. I can speak to spirits, pick up some things in pictures, but I'm best at tarrot card readings.
  3. L

    [Please Read!] Information About Free Readings on Fridays!

    Every Friday we will be offering a chance for members only, to receive a free psychic reading. You MUST be a registered member in order to participate. There are many skilled psychics here as well as some who are learning their skills who are willing to give readings for free. These readings...