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Here is what I have about Amber.


To lift the heaviness of burdens & allow happiness. Good for: bladder trouble, bone marrow, convulsions, earaches, intestinal disorders, nervous system, rheumatism, throat infections, memory loss, anxiety, inability to make decisions, thyroid, inner ear, neuro tissue strengthener, altruism, sore throats, swollen glands, fever, mental clarity, balances moods, confidence. Detoxes from radiation. Purifies body mind & spirit.
My boyfriend and I would clean our stones and crystals by putting them on top or around his large piece of Selenite. I heard you can cleanse stones by charging them with Reiki. Putting them in sunlight is a good way.

Here is some info I found:

Cleansing your crystals

Your stones can be placed under running water and left on the windowsill for a while to charge. Whenever we get some really good sunshine I put all of my crystals on the windowsill to really recharge them and boost their energies. With certain crystals, which fade in the sunlight, I would leave them there for about 5 to ten minutes only.

Your smaller crystals can be placed on a larger clear quartz crystal or an amethyst cluster overnight to cleanse. Carnelian cleanses other crystals and when placed in a bag with other stones there wont be a need to cleanse them using any other method. The carnelian will need cleansing though.

Smudging is very useful for larger stones, geodes and clusters that cannot be immersed in water. This involves lighting a bundle containing a herb usually sage and allowing the smoke to surround your stone. Keep windows open to allow not just the smell! But any negative energies to be released.

Stones can be left on the windowsill for a day to cleanse and recharge them. Crystals or stones, which fade in sunlight, can be left on the windowsill overnight to be cleansed and charged by the moonlight.

Delicate stones or clusters can be left overnight in sea salt or rock salt and you can also place your crystal in the ground overnight.

If you have time visualise a powerful white light surrounding your stone and feel it intensifying the energies almost giving it a deep cleanse! It also helps you connect to your crystal especially if it’s new or newly acquired.

Love and light Paula.

Here is the link where i got the info: The Wonder of Amber & Cleansing your Crystals. - One Vibration

One of her suggestions is to place the stones under running water. I would do a little research on the properties on the stone you want to cleanse that way, because I think some stones are picky about water.
:)Thank you so much....I might rinse them in Himalayan salt with water...leave them to dry on the windowsill...
I have a bracelet that has amber that i love wearing if i am having a bad day