Lucid Dream or....??

Susie Bokar

New member
I have recurring dream...different scenarios but same out of body. No memory. Feeling 😞
Ok latest version is I suddenly am awareof myself walking away from serious DUI auto crash. I see the crashed cars.police.ambulance. Fire truck. Traffic backed up on hwy. I am very scared. Don't know how I got there or anything. Witnesses step fwd stating they saw me driving under influence and crashing. I am freaked out. I'm taken to jail. I am questioning my sanity seriously. Then it simply dissolved like nothing happened.
I just didn't feel right after that dream.

Lady of Light

To me, this sounds like what I like to call an "experience", where you somehow step into someone else while dreaming. I've done this a few times. It hasn't happened for me in months, maybe even a year now, but it was becoming quite common for me to do these travels, and jump into someone else while sleeping.

Lucid dreaming is when you are aware you are in a dream, and then can change the things around you within the dream state.

Susie Bokar

New member
Bernadette so weird hearing those people say you were had the accident I'm in disbelief cause I wasn't there that fact I'm sure of. Coolness ❤