Put The Cats In Order of Dominance

Susie Bokar

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Practice Reading...yes I know answers ❤ I have idea for practice reading. It's not " Who is my.SO ". I chose a.little different topic since I see some Animal lovers like me here. I have Home based small Animal Rescue with 4 Cats currently. There is a Pecking order. Hierarchy. Among most pet family groups. From Alpha Cat.being Numero.Uno in.House all the way down to lowest on kitty Totem pole... Put my four kitties in order.. I will post photos in morning unless objection. Ty! ❤

Susie Bokar

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Chili girl. 1 yo.

Susie Bokar

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3. Morpheus...

Practice Anytime you wish. REVEAL IN FEW DAYS. LETS SEE who can get it CORRECT![emoji171] [emoji171] [emoji171] [emoji56] [emoji197] [emoji197]
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Lady of Light

Here's my official feeling.... (I'm a bit unsure whether miss trinity should be over chili girl, those are the only 2 I would switch, IF i switched any)

Most dominant to least dominant.

2. Chili girl
3. Miss Trinity
4. Morpheus


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Hi All,

I'm new, but would love to join in. This is my order:

Thanks, pretty cats!

Susie Bokar

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Ok..drum roll...Reveal[emoji56] [emoji197] [emoji171] [emoji7]

1. Alpha Cat . Ringleader CHILI
2. Morpheus Junior Ringleader
3. TRINITY . Sister to Morpheus
4. Pesco kitty. He never even meows only purrs. He is Largest but definitely the most submissive.
He is a big Mommas boy!

Hey thanks everybody I really enjoy playing this little game it was fun an interesting[emoji7] [emoji171] [emoji197] [emoji56]


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Yah! I think I did OK, Trinity threw me off... maybe she *wishes* she was alpha LOL :p

Must be a fun bunch to live with! I get a strong urge to cuddle Pesco big time!

Thanks so much for this thread, so much fun :)


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Finally back online. :) OK.

I would say Pesco Kitty is the alpha.
#2 Miss Trinity
#3 Morpheus
#4 Chili Girl

They are such pretty Kitties.

Angela young

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I love to read animals, but I'm doing it quick going back and forth was giving me a headache on my phone. Miss trinity takes the cake but battles it out with poor pesco who's feeling somewhat out of joint, morpheus tries to stay clear of it as much as possible and chili girl just wants to play. :)