Been away for a while - so sorry

    Hello to everyone both old and new I know I haven't been around in a while but I have had so much going on in my life of late that I kind of folded in on myself for a while. I am back now and with some sad news. I lost my Toby cat that was 13 years old and never sick a day in his life. he was...

    Missing Engagement Ring

    Well this is worth a shot since nothing else I have tried has worked. Quite a while ago I had to have my engagement ring cut off my finger due to swelling and I thought I had I thought I had put it in my bedside table and went looking one day and it wasn't there. I was frantic and asked my...
  3. A

    Weird feelings...not able to shake them off.

    Here lately I feel that maybe some negativity may be around me. I've been dealing with a lot of trials the past month that have truly taken a toll on me mentally, emotionall and physically. I'm getting through each day as best I can and along with that I feel also that maybe a loved one is...
  4. Oct0bermoon

    Ball of light

    Hello. I saw something and I have no clue what it was and was wondering if anyone else had seen one or knows what it could be. One day my mom and I were driving down the road and a green glowing ball about the size of a basketball flew right in front of us. Then darted up toward the top of the...