1. P

    Pinkilocks Tarot, LLC, is hiring!

    Pinkilocks Tarot, LLC, is hiring experienced and new tarot readers immediately. My name is Jillian, aka Pinkilocks, and I am hiring 12 tarot readers immediately. If you are interested in a position, please e-mail me at your earliest convenience to pinkilockstarot@gmail.com or visit...
  2. L

    Anyone good at reading pictures?

    I have one that I'd like read if anyone here is willing? Thanks. You can PM me if you'd like.
  3. allibee23

    Looking to Relate

    I'm an empathic medium and often feel both spirit emotion energy and general emotion energy in a location... I'm curious to know how others experience this gift? What are your triggers? In what situations do you most often use your talent?
  4. allibee23

    Newcomer Here

    Hey everybody, I'm AlliBee23. I'm a writer, artist, and empathic medium. I have a degree in creative writing with an emphasis in fiction and run a website teaching principles of storytelling in many forms. While I'm big into fiction, the experiences I share are full truth. Part of my interest in...
  5. M

    [FYI] I'm here if you need me

    I'm a medium and empath in the Detroit area. I do walk through and cleansings
  6. Jenniferwall

    Anyone have any experience getting rid of a spirit distantly? I need some advise!

    Greetings everyone! I'm new to this group and forum. I look forward to getting to know everyone!! Can anyone give me a little guidance? I'm an intuitive empath and medium and I've done a lot of house cleansings for people over time of getting rid of spirits in their homes and etc. However, I'm...
  7. thought on a wind

    The Empathic Bunker

    So, I've seen a thread like this on other forums and found it to be therapeutic. This thread, of course, is for Empaths. It's a bunker of sorts where you can feel free to (respectfully) let loose and talk to other empaths. I think one issue that we face is that many times our enhanced...