The Empathic Bunker

thought on a wind

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So, I've seen a thread like this on other forums and found it to be therapeutic. This thread, of course, is for Empaths. It's a bunker of sorts where you can feel free to (respectfully) let loose and talk to other empaths. I think one issue that we face is that many times our enhanced sensitivities are considered weaknesses and as such, we get judged in a way that's not right in my eyes. Please, feel free to kick back, crack a beer, a soda, a tea or whatever beverage you prefer and use this as a sounding board when those sensitivities are overloaded, or you wish to support another empath, or if you just feel like it's time to bunker down and shield thineself from some toxicity you need to cut from your being. Think of it like a safe place to discuss empathic challenges and discuss random things as they come about... I, of course, am not implying this should be a place for a reading request, or a section for others to figure out what empathic abilities are unless you're doing so by reading through this thread. Namaste. :eek:

Tom aka ToaW