1. L

    Crystal Ball Scrying

    1. Ground and protect (if you do this regularly as it helps with empathy plus you are working with energy so best to do so) State your intention clearly. Ask to connect to the universe through this crystal ball and to the person's name or username as to whom you are working with. Ask...
  2. Linda Slade

    Hi Everyone !!

    Just dropping in to say hello, and introduce myself... I am an empath, and am learning so much these past few days, have a lot of questions about a lot of different things lol so please be patient with me lol Love, Light, and Blessings to everyone !!
  3. A

    light when eyes closed

    I looked for a appropriate place this looked like this best? When in bed I do meditate to go to sleep, with my eyes closed I see approx bright white light approved it seems like figures moving or faces, as they come closer I try so hard to see them but it nuts goes back to far away? When they...
  4. L


    Here is what I gathered on Ametrine. Ametrine Helps balance male/female aspects. Repairs DNA/RNA, accepting physical change. Soothes and calms emotions, helps one stay rational under pressure. Amethyst (purple) helps you visualize and the Citrine (gold) helps to manifest your vision into the...
  5. S

    [FYI] hi

    Hi. My name is Suzy. I am new to the group but hope to learn and grow with you all. Love n light!