Lady of Light

Here is what I gathered on Ametrine.


Helps balance male/female aspects. Repairs DNA/RNA, accepting physical change. Soothes and calms emotions, helps one stay rational under pressure. Amethyst (purple) helps you visualize and the Citrine (gold) helps to manifest your vision into the physical. Disperses negativity from the aura and fills the voids with energizing and stabilizing qualities of pure light energy.

Penetrates and facilitates the release of blockages in the physical, mental, emotional and auric bodies, allowing for the release of tension and initiates proper functioning. Helps to get rid of depression. Is useful for stimulating oxygenation of the body. Also used to help one to both recognize and accept changes to the body - e.g. during periods of growth from childhood through physical maturation and when one is provided with artificial organs, implants etc. Stimulates intellect. In meditation, helps bring peace, & cooperation.

Powerful money stone. Good for higher psychic awareness and spiritual enlightenment.

It is a mix of amethyst and citrine quartz and it is very rare.
I never heard of it. Always glad to learn of a new stone. :) Now I got to ask my boyfriend for one.:love_heart: