Crystal Ball Scrying


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1. Ground and protect (if you do this regularly as it helps with empathy plus you are working with energy so best to do so)
State your intention clearly. Ask to connect to the universe through this crystal ball and to the person's name or username as
to whom you are working with. Ask for intent to be positive so as to help this person and not hinder them. You can place their name on a slip of paper and place it beneath the ball if you wish to!
2. Open chakras (if you use chakras).
3. Light incense with your favourite brand and allow it to smoke to cleanse the ball if not cleansed.
3. Light a candle and position it on one side of the ball opposite so it doesn't reflect the light(s).
4. Dim the lights but not completely, just enough so you can see. (this is optional).
5. Relax yourself and your senses. Sorta glaze around the edges of the ball, but not looking at it directly.
6.While you can look at it directly, to tune in its best to do so with a gentle soft vision rather than a harder eye.
7. Wait patiently for information to flow through. If nothing flows through than a white colour that's okay.
8. That means its activated the ball energies. But if you don't get anything don't worry and don't try too hard either.
9. As if you try too hard, it will force the connection and that just doesn't go anywhere.
10. Await for the messages to show themselves to you. If none show, that's okay.
It might not be the right ball to work with or that its not activated/cleansed/made your own yet.
So cleanse it in full moonlight or sunlight energies starlight or water energies before use if able to cleanse with water. Selenite and Gypsum family NOT best used with water else would wash away the stone itself. Let the ball know so introduce yourself to it and that you'd like to start a friendship with it; then try again. Trust your first thoughts and feelings on the connection.

11. When link is finished conclude it with an indicator that you are closing; e.g. I'm withdrawing my energies now as that links you out and always give thanks for information that has come through and energies that has made it possible to connect today. And conclude with will leave that with love from the energies that have made this possible today.