Missing Engagement Ring

    Well this is worth a shot since nothing else I have tried has worked. Quite a while ago I had to have my engagement ring cut off my finger due to swelling and I thought I had I thought I had put it in my bedside table and went looking one day and it wasn't there. I was frantic and asked my...
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    in desperate need of help and guidance

    I am struggling with my demons. I can't seem to get a grip on things. Im always stressed and depressed. Im just so lost. If you can help, please do.
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    [Welcome!] Welcome to the Windsor Tarot Forum (WTF)!

    Hello everyone! I would like to welcome you all here to a wonderful forum for Psychics supporting Psychics! This place was put together because of the group I created on Facebook, Psychics, Empaths, Mediums, Channelers, etc. which has recently grown to the point where an actual forum has become...