1. W

    [Rant] Pet Peeves

    What are yours? Heres a few of mine. People abuse their library privileges and beyond. People treat me/others like me like a baby/child instead of adult. People whom are germophlic, spl (spelling) and beyond (in which I'm not quite sure of). People whom come back to their websites and/or...
  2. MelissaP

    Weird question

    Until recently I didn't know I could channel or that my dreams were messages from other energies. Well, since that question has been answered, now I find myself with another one. Can people with negative feelings towards you cause bad things to happen in your life? I have experienced the truth...
  3. M


    Hello I am here to not only meet new people that are interested in the same things as me but to also increase my gifts.
  4. L

    Morphing Pictures

    Does anyone else see pictures of people morphing when reading them? This is happening to me more and more lately, to the point where almost every picture of someone I look at changes. It started out just shifting from the expression in the actual picture, to a completely different expression...
  5. K

    I'm PSYCHIC? Indigo WHAT?

    Well, I have always had a 6th sense. My Mom always said I have an entourage of Angels around me. I quit drinking in 97 and since then I have been sensitive to people. Overly sensitive! About 5 yrs ago my BF's fiance' was having open hear surgery to repair a valve on his pace maker, said it would...
  6. Rosenrot

    Starting out, kinda of

    I read tarot cards. Problem is that I have only read people that I know. I want to be able to give readings to people I don't know. I think participating in Free Reading Fridays would be a good idea, however I am kinda shy and feel uncertain of my abilities. Everyone I read (well except for one...