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Until recently I didn't know I could channel or that my dreams were messages from other energies. Well, since that question has been answered, now I find myself with another one. Can people with negative feelings towards you cause bad things to happen in your life? I have experienced the truth that spending time with negative, toxic people can cause health problems, but now I thinking about "from a distance." So yesterday I tried to help someone but this person got upset with me. Today, one of my beloved pets was really sick and had to be euthanized. I put up my shields every day and I pray for the safety and well-being of my loved ones daily (including my animals). So could this be just a coincidence? Thanks.
Because of the way energy works, it is entirely possible that someone can affect you or your pet in this way. Even, and sometimes especially, distantly.
Thank you Lady of Light and Rosenrot. <3

Having thought about the matter a great deal the last couple of days, I think I should add that this pet was already compromised, and the illness/passing probably (hopefully) did not have anything to do with the reading that I did. Not to say that couldn't happen, I just think that in the case, the timing really was a coincidence and I was mis-reading the event.

One of the things I've been learning since exploring this realm, is that sometimes when I think the issue is about me (because I feel the pain) I am actually channeling or sensing someone else's pain. This pet had been named after a boy, a twin, that is the son of my friend's friend. The pet's twin sister is fine. After taking a step back from my pain over losing this pet, I began to wonder if his passing could indicate that there is an unidentified health issue with the boy he is named after. I have sent a message to my friend, asking her to pass this along to the boy's father, listing possible symptoms. They probably think I'm a nutcase, but hey, I would rather be wrong than not say anything and the boy not get medical help if needed.

I met the boy's father and the twins at my friend's house for the first time several weeks ago and I felt intense sadness - so much so I had to go outside and be by myself, I was literally crying and had to leave early. This was very unusual for me. Maybe it was because I was sensing that the pet would pass and I didn't know it, or maybe I was picking up on something from the father (he looked fine, I didn't see any sign of sadness, but as we know people can hide emotions). I will post later if I find out anything. As hard as it is to lose a pet, and I really loved him, I know the father's grief would be so much more if there is something wrong with the boy, and I hope that if there is a problem they will get help in time.
You sound like you are empathic.I don't know much, if anything about channeling. I wondering if the sadness you were picking up was from the boy instead of the father. Sometimes children don't tell their parents whats wrong for many reasons. Maybe the son if suffering from something silently. I don't remember saying anything about my condition until after my mom passed. Maybe meditate on it and see what the feelings and your pets passing means.