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Well, I have always had a 6th sense. My Mom always said I have an entourage of Angels around me. I quit drinking in 97 and since then I have been sensitive to people. Overly sensitive! About 5 yrs ago my BF's fiance' was having open hear surgery to repair a valve on his pace maker, said it would be an easy surgery. I FELT an urgent need to be there so I drove from NJ to Boston. He died on the table. I could feel something off about people, tell if something bad was going to happen (earth quake in Ca, hurricane Katrina) Then I was with my ex before he had hand surgery, when they put the IV in his hand I FELT IT! So in the past 3 weeks I went on a search. Then I learned I'm "gifted", then I learned my Mom is "gifted" (holy shit!) Then a "friend" had me answer questions about Indigo people. They were all on the mark. My fibro pain went from a level 9 to a 2, I am reading people (and getting it right) and healing people, and so much more. I'm trying to get a grip on reality because quite honestly right now I think I'm out of my mind. So it's nice to have a forum where we can chat and feel like we are all the same. I feel like I'm in a movie! So thank you for letting me rant. And if any of this makes sense, thank GOD, cause I still don't understand it. The energy surge I've gotten is unbelievable (I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy/CFS) I have been on 2 day kicks cause I have TOO MUCH ENERGY! So there you go... DSCF3095.jpg


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What exactly is an Indigo? I have been refered as one, but I don't understand what Indigos are. I am sorry about your friend's fiancee. :( I have a question. How did you get your fibro pain down from a level 9 to a 2? I suffer from the condition as well and it has made things really hard lately. Do you have any tips for managing it? Thank you for any advice. :) I like the picture you posted. :)


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I have the ability to read people also, Not all of then, Just some. I don't understand it. The people that I can read say I am on the money. I also can predict somethings that will happen. It usually happens in 2's, 2 days - 2 weeks - 2 months - 2 years. I never am for sure. I have been asked to do a reading party and I refuse. I told them I don't know how to control it. I don't always connect to people. Any and all of my abilities happen when they want not when I want. Thanks