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    My SO

    Anyone who wants to practice? This is my SO and you can practice stating his qualities, trustworthiness, thinking/proposed marriage or he even my SO? Well you tell me. Stay Blessed :)
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    [FYI] Types of Things That Can Be Posted Here

    Threads can be started for the "What's in the Box?", or "What's under the cup?" or things like that. Just putting it out there, because this was started over in the facebook group, but got a little out of hand, so we can move that over here. Post as many threads as you want; one thread per item...
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    [Please Read Before You Post!] What The Practice Readings Are For!

    This is NOT the place to ask for a free reading!!! With that said… This section is for members to post pictures where the answers are already known so that other members can practice their psychic abilities. This not only gives necessary practice, but it helps to build experience, and...