[Please Read Before You Post!] What The Practice Readings Are For!

Lady of Light

This is NOT the place to ask for a free reading!!!

With that said…

This section is for members to post pictures where the answers are already known so that other members can practice their psychic abilities. This not only gives necessary practice, but it helps to build experience, and confidence, which is very helpful especially for those just learning or finding out they have abilities.

This also provides good practice for those of us who use our abilities often, whether professionally or not, to stay sharp with our abilities and sometimes even gain new ones in areas we didn’t have before.

Pictures will typically be of people or places, but can be of animals or objects as well.

All pictures posted in this forum MUST have the answers already known so that after a set amount of time (set by the original poster) the answer(s) will be revealed, and anyone who was reading the image can know how close or far they were from what happened.

It doesn’t matter what the answer is, whether something good happened, or something bad happened, or if nothing happened at all. It is practice to see how strong each member’s abilities are. That’s the whole point.

Anyone can participate and give any input they have on the picture, whether they see, hear, feel, or sense in any other way something about each image.

Again, and I can’t stress this enough, this area is for already KNOWN information! This is NOT the area for asking for a free (or paid) reading!! We have a section for that; it’s called Free Reading Fridays.