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Anyone who wants to practice?

This is my SO and you can practice stating his qualities, trustworthiness, thinking/proposed marriage or not...is he even my SO? Well you tell me.

Stay Blessed :)


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Hi! I'm new to this site and Tarot reading. Take what I say with a huge bucket of salt. Anyway, here goes.

You are a logical person who thinks rationally about everything you do. You like teaching, so it's unlikely that you will be leading your students astray by suggesting that someone is your SO when he is not. My guess is he is either your SO or at least someone you care about a lot.

You have your sights set on the future. You plan on going somewhere further with him (travelling somewhere, starting a new project, buying a house together etc.) but you're alone in this desire. You are realise this and your trust in him is being shaken. In the relationship, you tend to be the more practical, sensible and level headed one who makes all the rational decisions.

This man, on the other hand, is satisfied with how things are right now. He listens to what you say, because he believes you know what's best for him. Deep down inside, he doesn't want to move forwards because he's dwelling on the past.