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    Missing Person

    I am asking you for assistance with helping in finding my missing friend Tommy. His story begins on August 13, 2013 when he was last seen hitchhiking from Pueblo, Colorado to return back to Wellington, Kansas to live with his mother. On the day in question apparently Tommy and his dad got...
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    Dreamt of my mother in law, who passed away

    Last night, I dreamt about my mother in law, who passed away a little over 2 years ago. Her death was very unexpected. But, I dreamt that we were in a hospital, and One of my friends was giving birth to her son. I began to cry, because she had passed away 2 months before my youngest son was...
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    [Problem!] Desperate need of guidance

    My son has lost his cell phone since December . the last was used was December 22. It is still on payment plan and it a very expensive phone. I am needing help to locate this phone. Also he has a new girlfriend since November? He has been totally different even the teachers at his school...