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I am asking you for assistance with helping in finding
my missing friend Tommy. His story begins on
August 13, 2013 when he was last seen hitchhiking
from Pueblo, Colorado to return back to Wellington, Kansas to live with his mother. On the day in question
apparently Tommy and his dad got into a altercation, causing Tommy to leave his dad's apartment in a rage.
Tommy suffered from severe depression and when he left
his dad's he left all of his personal belongings behind including his meds, and his identification cards.
Tommy was a family oriented guy who never went a day
without having contact with his mother and family and friends. Family was everything to Tommy and for him
to be MIA now for 5 years and not as much as a call or letter. Tommy is also a father of 2 children a daughter and a son. The family needs closure or someone with information who knows anything about it. Thomas Cook is loved and dearly missed and I need help finding him .


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