1. L

    Picked up another crystal ball

    In a charity shop would you believe it. There is another one so I'm back there tomorrow to work a shift so will see if its still there tomorrow - anyway here is the photograph. Can anyone help me identify what stone she is though? Thanks if you could.
  2. Rosenrot


    I was a bit confused when I looked up Muscovite, because a lot of the ones pictured are not like my stone. Well the muscovite is the small mica flecks in the white stone. Muscovite is referred to as common mica. The white chunks are granite. I found out the muscovite is often included in...
  3. thought on a wind

    Essential Empathic Survival Toolkit and practices

    There are many resources onsite to help those new to things to learn about empathic abilities, I figured I'd start this thread to discuss what you all consider the essential toolkit for the budding and seasoned empath alike as well as practices. I'll start I suppose. My toolkit: White Sage...
  4. Rosenrot


    I was told that keeping aventurine in your left pocket will bring prosperity. I should remember to carry it. :) Ok there is a lot of info to this post. Here is the link to more info Green Aventurine Meanings and Uses | Crystal Vaults Introduction to Meaning and Uses of Green Aventurine...
  5. Rosenrot


    The boyfriends Celestite pieces. Celestite: Celestite imparts a gentle strength and an enormous inner peace. It can calm and sharpen the mind dispersing worries and promoting mental clarity. It is believed to aid in the analysis of complex ideas. Celestite has an uplifting quality...
  6. Rosenrot


    This is my piece of Labradorite. I shot photos of my rocks for these posts. :) I hope to get another piece soon. I love all the colors in it. Labradorite: Mystical and Healing Properties Traditionally, labradorite is a gemstone regarded to pull good fortune. If worn as a pendant, its wearer...
  7. Rosenrot

    Favorite Stones or Crystals

    Are there any particular stones or crystals you are drawn to? I am drawn to sodalite and bloodstone. Everytime I go to the rockshop by us, I always look for a rough tumbled piece of Sodalite and Blood Stone. Sodalite: One of the main reasons I am drawn to Sodalite is that I heard it was...
  8. L

    Agate - Types of Agate

    Here is some information I've gathered about Agate, and some of the different forms of Agate. Agate Strength, Courage, Longevity, Gardening, Love, Healing (both physical and emotional), Protection, Protection from Bad Dreams, Stress and Energy Drains Wear or carry while gardening...