Essential Empathic Survival Toolkit and practices

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There are many resources onsite to help those new to things to learn about empathic abilities, I figured I'd start this thread to discuss what you all consider the essential toolkit for the budding and seasoned empath alike as well as practices. I'll start I suppose.

My toolkit:
White Sage (rolled in cigarette papers for convenient on the go inconspicuous smudging)

- to open crown chakra, elevate moods and even out the aura

- one of the strongest grounding/re-energizing stones I've ever encountered. It's also a very powerful ongoing shield and is par excellent in concealing you from your enemies. Actually, there are tons of different reasons this is an essential stone for every sensitive to have, although idk if I'd consider it a beginner's stone.

Black Tourmaline- it's another black protective stone, the difference being that it's pretty much what black tourmaline does, it repels negativity or deflects it, given that an empath is typically more sensitive to and prone to have issues with toxicity and the world is full of toxic individuals and we can't have our own society in caves (although I would love to live in one like Carlsbad Caverns), it's essential to have that extra edge in protection.

Selenite- What doesn't selenite do? I love the stuff and buy as much as I can, it's wonderful at purifying the aura and elevating vibrations. Helps to keep one connected to the higher realities and keep the other rocks that don't self clear clean. I'm definitely not bringing up all the other wonderful things this stone can do for you.

Peacock Ore- Another happy stone like Lepidolite, I find this stone to be very insiduous with the way it elevates your mood and throws off would be aggressors... I don't believe what I'm about to type is in the manuals but comes from personal experience.... I've found that its metallic nature helps to ground negativity like a lightning rod, except it seems to change some of the passing negativity into healing, happy energy it passes through to the bearer. At the same time, personally, I get a jolt from lepidolite and know that it's working, peacock ore is insiduous because it doesn't let you know it's working, one moment you're tensed by the emotions of others and your own emotions, and slowly but surely you can find yourself giggling like you're drunk... I've been on the cusp of suicide and this stone has quite literally saved my life for that exact reason (although, if you're feeling suicidal, consult a friend or a professional or someone, it saved me, but I should've opened up sooner thank the Gods it was there). It also is a good luck stone too.

Citrine- purifying, empowering, mood lightening and aura purifying. It's just simply put a wonderful type of quartz.

Celestite- I mention this because I've started to carry it with me. It purifies your aura and I believe it helps to align the chakra's. I'm basing this off personal experience, although I will be honest, I haven't read too much about this one and prefer the grab the lightning bolt with your barehand approach to learning, so, if others have better descriptions of Celestite please feel free to add that.

I don't really carry a lot more, outside of certain runes and custom sigils, the rest are psionic constructs, shields and connections to certain entities light and dark (all universally aligned of course).


Grounding.... Grounding, grounding, grounding, grounding, grounding, grounding, grounding, grounding and more grounding. Why repeat it so much? It's the best protection and technique to master if you are to turn your empathy from being debilitating to a well developed sense that serves you and others well. One of the biggest reasons that an empath can feel paralyzed or unable to function or move, or have acute attacks of nerves in various categories, is because they're not aware of how to ground, or do and have gotten to the overload point of forgetting. Lack of grounding also helps fuel the other issue that most empaths will encounter in their lives at least once if not a lot, which is becoming so entangled in the emotions of others they forget where they start and others begin, which then compromises the sense of self and can create an empty or lost feeling among other things... it also helps ground out the attacks of unawakened (and unethical) psychic vampires, emotional vampires, narcissists or other synonyms to explain the same phenomenon.

Cutting ties: yes, ground ground ground ground ground, but just as important if not more important, cut chords cut chords cut chords cut chords cut chords cut chords. Think of this, now, more than ever, humanity is more energetically bound then we ever have been unless you subscribe to the ancient advanced culture hypothesis. Every time you read a pm or get an email, you're forming an energy tie with the sender in some ways more powerfully than if they were around you physically around. Why? Not only is there the energy that's usually emitted, but it's also being affected with their energy ties to your photo if you have it published online, without distance, kinetic energy and physical energy amalgamate when they type you something, then, on top of this, their emotions sew a message that's an automatic attachment your computer cannot defend against unless you're warding, then it gets electrical power and is in transit to servers which store the information charging awaiting you to download the email or message to your computer, which itself is another energy booster. Just as one should be careful about not giving psychic agreements to people undue, same applies to emails, because simply clicking open the email without the proper mindset is, in its way, an action of acceptance. BOOM now you have an instant long distant energy tie. Consider the art of accepting whoever does a friend request on social media. Same premise but a lot quicker most times. Now, more than ever, cutting chords must be integral preferably with weekly if not with daily exercises. Every person on your list you'll be connected to in ways that you DON'T want. IMO the best way to function as an empath is to control connections to as high a degree as possible because it's soooo easy to get into a downward spiral if you don't recognize that the feelings you're having aren't yours...

Cleansing- this is part of the chord cutting, but has it's own section because I'd like to instill the importance of it. Not only can energy ties wreak havoc on you, but so can psychic and emotional debris in your body and aura. Simply cutting a chord doesn't necessarily take care of the detritus floating in your mind, chakra's, aura or body. Think of it like suturing a wound without applying a good anti-microbial. Yes, the wound is staunched and will heal, but it will probably will become infected if an antiseptic isn't applied. It's also the other side of the coin for making sure that the emotions of others are not lingering in your mind.

Shielding- It's also important to remember to shield. Consider the act of shielding like putting on ceramic armor. Chances are, if you walk into an intense setting like a big bar or a mall, it'll feel like you're walking into a wall of bullets if you haven't learned to control your empathic abilities as much. It's the difference between walking into a wall of bullets with the ceramic armor, or walking in naked. I would also like to point out that you may find empathic shields to be different from other psychic shields. It's a way of life too, it's a mentality you own, it's a mantra you repeat, it is an extension of your waking thoughts.

I suppose there's more but I've blabbed enough.
Blessed Be,
Tom aka ToaW
You're welcome :) feel free to put a few suggestions out there if you want, I may have things that work for me, but this dog CAN definitely learn new tricks :) The way I figure it, we all can learn from each other and as such become stronger individually and as a group.
Great notes! They will be super helpful for me. You can tell you're an empath.... grounding grounding grounding needs to be my moto to! Too many times I have gotten stuck feeling like someone else's pain is my own.

I have found something that really helps when I can't "shake the world" off me is to listen to one of my "gurus" (enlightened teachers) talk. I always end up tuning into their energy of peace and bliss, nothing, just nothing can bother me then.

However do you think this is a healthy practice? Can I ground/anchor through these teachers? Greatly appreciate it!