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I was a bit confused when I looked up Muscovite, because a lot of the ones pictured are not like my stone. Well the muscovite is the small mica flecks in the white stone. Muscovite is referred to as common mica. The white chunks are granite. I found out the muscovite is often included in granite.

Here is some info:

Pink Muscovite , Violet Muscovite
Muscovite (MOP): Also known as (Mica) - this crystal appears in sheet-like layers, scales, masses and tabular crystal. It is the reflection stone. It allows one to reflect on their past and present situations and gives one the opportunity to both acknowledge and eliminate any traits one wishes to detach from. Mica provides for clarity in visions and self-reflection. It can be used during fasting times to help reduce hunger, provide energy, relieve dehydration, bring sparkle to the eyes, sheen to the hair, as well as, help in situations of insomnia and excessive sleep as with mononucleosis. Often found as inclusion to granite. Muscovite

Here is an in-depth page: Muscovite Stimulates Mind/Brain, Helps Side Effects of Psychic Awakening