Who am I


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Ok, I am posting a picture of myself, so everyone will know the woman behind the angry cat face. However you must guess which one is me. I will give the answer in a week or two. :)



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Ok, answer time. :) I am number 3 :)

Number 1 is Thought In A Wind in drag holding my little kittle.
Number 2 is a random picture I found on the internet.
Number 3 is Me
Number 4 is another picture I found.

Lady of Light

I knew it! My first instinct was #3 on this one but for some reason, i went against it. I did the exact thing I tell people not to do. But it's so easy to do. Good practice for me. This was a good exercise. Thank you!

Seriously? That's thought on a wind? He looks good, lol!


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Yeah, he dressed in drag for a photo assignment. My sister in law said that he was the prettiest out of all of us.