Opinions please

Spiritsong deck
Just got it in the mail today....

Question: Is there a spirit guide here with me?

My interpretation: yes, and there always has been but im not as open as i should be but i do just as well with my intuition and abilities. I need to acknowledge and have faith in my guide and stop fighting what guidance may be sent my way..

Queen of crystals (pents): I need to get back in touch with my intuition and stop second guessing myself.

Seven of feathers (swords): stop fighting my intuition and find a way to better understand why in my mind I struggle so much with it...(maybe) stop lieing to myself and allow energies to just flow

The tower: the ongoing battle needs to change...allow the energies to bring positivity into my life...

.:shadow card:.

Awakening (judgement): I need realize the forces that are around me in order to have a better spiritual "awakening" understanding. Once I do this I will understand and use my abilities in better form.

Hmmm....first draw with these cards... I trust in what i read but i am absolutly open for interpretations from others or other views...I've been doing this for a few years on and off due to other factors in my life and I'm still learning and would love to hear/see what others see/believe..thank you and blessed be. 🦊

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