1. allibee23

    Looking to Relate

    I'm an empathic medium and often feel both spirit emotion energy and general emotion energy in a location... I'm curious to know how others experience this gift? What are your triggers? In what situations do you most often use your talent?
  2. L

    What to do?

    Hey folks. I have a question to ask if that's okay. What do you do if you have a friend/someone that you sorta think you know that you know who sends you energy from time to time and then you sense someone living sitting on the outskirts/edge of your energy? But you've not invited them in...
  3. MelissaP


    I hope I've got this in the right category. My question is, for those who channel: what does it feel like when you are channeling? Is there a way you feel that makes you know that the thoughts in your head are from another energy? Thanks!
  4. thought on a wind

    Essential Empathic Survival Toolkit and practices

    There are many resources onsite to help those new to things to learn about empathic abilities, I figured I'd start this thread to discuss what you all consider the essential toolkit for the budding and seasoned empath alike as well as practices. I'll start I suppose. My toolkit: White Sage...
  5. K

    I'm PSYCHIC? Indigo WHAT?

    Well, I have always had a 6th sense. My Mom always said I have an entourage of Angels around me. I quit drinking in 97 and since then I have been sensitive to people. Overly sensitive! About 5 yrs ago my BF's fiance' was having open hear surgery to repair a valve on his pace maker, said it would...
  6. Rosenrot

    Favorite Stones or Crystals

    Are there any particular stones or crystals you are drawn to? I am drawn to sodalite and bloodstone. Everytime I go to the rockshop by us, I always look for a rough tumbled piece of Sodalite and Blood Stone. Sodalite: One of the main reasons I am drawn to Sodalite is that I heard it was...
  7. L


    Here is what I gathered on Ametrine. Ametrine Helps balance male/female aspects. Repairs DNA/RNA, accepting physical change. Soothes and calms emotions, helps one stay rational under pressure. Amethyst (purple) helps you visualize and the Citrine (gold) helps to manifest your vision into the...
  8. L


    Here is what I have about Amazonite. Amazonite Helps to balance emotions as well as give physical stamina. Balances male and female energy. Promotes Kindness and practicality. Helps with art. Luck.
  9. L

    Agate - Types of Agate

    Here is some information I've gathered about Agate, and some of the different forms of Agate. Agate Strength, Courage, Longevity, Gardening, Love, Healing (both physical and emotional), Protection, Protection from Bad Dreams, Stress and Energy Drains Wear or carry while gardening...