1. S

    Missing Person

    I am asking you for assistance with helping in finding my missing friend Tommy. His story begins on August 13, 2013 when he was last seen hitchhiking from Pueblo, Colorado to return back to Wellington, Kansas to live with his mother. On the day in question apparently Tommy and his dad got...
  2. M

    Missing firefighter

    Missing Dallas retired firefighter from Quinlan Tx. Missing person: Michael Chambers Location: Quinlan Tx Date missing: March 10,2017 Information: he was wearing black sweat pants, black tennis shoes and a blue firefighter t-shirt. He wore a hat but it was found in the shop. He went missing...
  3. P

    [ALERT!] Please help

    This is not the norm for me. I never beg or plead for anything, it's not like me at all. But I am here desperately seeking help for 2 missing boys. I am begging for help, can someone please help me?
  4. A

    Please help! a friend has 2 young teens missing!

    I've never posted for help for anything like this and i'm not sure how to go about it. I woke up this morning to a missing and exploited child post on my feed..... I'm a wreck, I don't have much contact with they girl who is going through this because her lifestyle but my heart is just aching...
  5. D

    Missing keys

    Can anyone help me with finding my missing house keys. I had all of my childrens pictures on the key ring throughout the years, so it's very special to me. Thank you
  6. Rosenrot

    Missing Folder

    Ok, this may seem silly but I am missing some paperwork I need for a criminal or civil case against a certain art gallery owner. I need to give that info to the detective that other artist's and me are working with. My boyfriend and I looked around and can't find it. I think the paperwork is in...
  7. D

    Missing Dog

    Missing Dog, Anyone? Family heartbroken
  8. K

    [ALERT!] Missing Persons

    This is a new thread for Missing Persons. Post a pic of the person missing and all the details you can find. We are more than willing to HELP!