Missing firefighter


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Missing Dallas retired firefighter from Quinlan Tx.
Missing person: Michael Chambers
Location: Quinlan Tx
Date missing: March 10,2017
Information: he was wearing black sweat pants, black tennis shoes and a blue firefighter t-shirt. He wore a hat but it was found in the shop.
He went missing under suspensions circumstances On March 10, 2017. they found a small amount of blood in his shop and blood on a metal rod next to it. Only his license and an unknown amount of cash we're missing. The house and shop were locked with keys inside the shop. He had been to Walmart earlier that morning( he was seen on security footage). There have been a few searches with the law enforcement but no leads.
I am very involved in this case, I have gathered so much information, talked to many people and I have conducted several searches.i can feel something, something bad. I by no means have any psychic abilities but I can feel that something bad has happened to him. So bad when I got to a certain area I felt scared and I could feel something bad has happened there. The last time I got so scared I started to cry and got very shaken up I was distraught for the next 2 hours. I'm not sure what other information would be helpful but I can definitely provide whatever is asked.