1. L

    General read requesting

    If I may, if a photo is needed please let me know, as I would be happy to post one. Thank you. :D
  2. L

    [FYI] Types of Things That Can Be Posted Here

    Threads can be started for the "What's in the Box?", or "What's under the cup?" or things like that. Just putting it out there, because this was started over in the facebook group, but got a little out of hand, so we can move that over here. Post as many threads as you want; one thread per item...
  3. L

    [Attention] For Those Offering Paid Psychic Related Services

    For anyone who wishes to offer their paid psychic services, such as if you have your own website or business which brings you income offering your psychic services, we now have a section for you to post your links and give a little bit about yourself and what you offer. PLEASE NOTE: Anyone...
  4. C

    Hi Everyone

    I am developing my gifts of working with pendulum, psychic, medium, clairvoyant and auto writer, if anyone can send me to the right post to discuss how to develop our gifts I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  5. L

    Gathering Information and Resources

    I'm gonna go ahead and start gathering and posting useful information on crystals and other things I come across in my travels. I already have quite a bit gathered on a bunch of different crystals, so I'll start there. Anyone else who has stuff like that to post, please, let's get this place...
  6. A

    Ok let's pratice

    In this picture are 4 men that have changed my path... Who is who , one is a friend one is a current BF and then there are 2 x boyfriends and a soulmate.... I will post the answers tomorrow .. Have fun
  7. Rumas

    Glossary of Terms and Definitions (Forum Lingo)

    Here are some of the most common terms you may read around the forums: Advanced edit - Is the full text editor. In advanced mode, you have access to all the editing features. Attachments - Attachments are file uploads users can download from replies and threads. Avatar - An avatar is a small...
  8. L

    [Welcome!] Welcome to the Windsor Tarot Forum (WTF)!

    Hello everyone! I would like to welcome you all here to a wonderful forum for Psychics supporting Psychics! This place was put together because of the group I created on Facebook, Psychics, Empaths, Mediums, Channelers, etc. which has recently grown to the point where an actual forum has become...
  9. L

    [Please Read Before You Post!] Rules For Posting For Free Readings

    Rules are as follows, but are not limited to: If you are posting a picture to be read, please only post one picture unless you have been asked to post another one. If you are posting a picture, please try to post a recent picture, and try to make sure the eyes show, and that the picture is...
  10. L

    [Please Read!] The Purpose of This Section, How-to's, Tutorials

    This is where you want to post any instructions or guides on how to do certain things. For example, if you have a guide on meditation, or grounding, or whatever, or know of one you can link to, you can put that here so that it doesn't get buried in another thread in one of the other forums...
  11. L

    [Please Read Before You Post!] Posting of Orb Pictures and Videos!

    This is the place to post your orb pictures for show, or for discussion. Some orbs are not actually orbs, but they are dust, bugs or lens flare, but not all. If you’re not sure whether or not you’ve caught an orb (or more), then post it and get feedback on it. Videos are accepted as well, but...