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Here are some of the most common terms you may read around the forums:

Advanced edit -
Is the full text editor. In advanced mode, you have access to all the editing features.

Attachments -
Attachments are file uploads users can download from replies and threads.

Avatar -
An avatar is a small image that users can include in their profile and will be displayed on every post they make.
There are two types of avatars, predefined and custom:

  • Predefined avatars are images that the board administrator has made available to use.
  • Custom avatars are images created by the user that can be uploaded to the board.
Friends & Contacts / Buddy List - This is a list of users you wish to identify as your Buddies. To add a user to your buddy list, go to your User CP/SEttings and in the left Navigation Panel under Miscellaneous, select [Buddy / Ignore Lists], type the username you wish to add in the Buddy List blank and click [Update Buddy List]. Alternately, you can click on their username in any post and, from the drop-down menu, click the [Add username to Your Buddy List] link.

Ignore List - This is a list of users you wish to ignore. To add a user to your ignore list, go to your User CP and in the left Nav Panel under Miscellaneous, select [Buddy / Ignore Lists], type the username you wish to ignore in the Ignore List blank and click [Update Ignore List] Posts from users that you are ignoring are hidden from view when logged into the forums.

Post - An individual message entered by a user, making up a part of a thread.

Post Icon - A post icon is a small image file that appears next to the post title and in the post icon column of the main forum page.

PM (Private Message) - Private Messaging (PM) provides a way to communicate directly with other members of the discussion forum. Messages you send and receive via PM are private and can only be viewed by you and the forum member you're corresponding with.

Profile Picture - A picture only displayed in a members profile.

Referrer - Someone who has referred some else to the forum.

Subscription - When you subscribe to a thread, you will receive email notification when ever another member replies. You can change subscription notifications in your settings.

Smilies - Smilies are small icons that can be used in posts that denote a persons emotional state, eg happy, mad, sad.

Spam – Inappropriate commercial messages of extremely low value.

Sticky Thread - A sticky thread is a thread that always shows at the top of the threads listed in a forum. This is the same as a pinned post on Facebook. This is only available to Administrators and Moderators.

Tags - Allows members to apply their own keywords (tags) to threads. This fills out the tag cloud, making searches easier.

Tag cloud - A Tag Cloud shows a list of all the tags assigned to threads. The most common tags will be displayed in the largest font size. This is helpful because it gives users an at-a-glance view of the most discussed subjects, and lets them know what topics are talked about most frequently. Clicking on words or terms in the tag cloud will bring you to thread containing that term.

Thread - A thread is a collection of posts usually with a common subject matter.

Thread Prefixes - Thread Prefixes allow you to apply pre-defined text to individual threads which is placed at the beginning of the thread title. The text can be styled to make it more prominent and easy to identify when viewing a list of threads. Only a single prefix can be applied to a thread at one time. Thread Prefixes are Optional.

Quick Reply - Text box below a thread for replying to threads/PMs. The Quick Reply has limited editing features. (Click "Go Advanced" for full editor.)
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