Demon attachment?


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Today I woke up from this horrible dream. My dream started out as like a party/dance for a school/group. I was getting ready and I was the one that had to provide music, but I had to get my friend to make the cd because I didn't have a cd burning laptop (at this point, the friend is no one I know at all and throughout the story I know no one and I cannot relate them to anyone in my everyday life). Well, my friend said she added her own music, but I was completely ok with it and handed the cd off to the dj. In that place where the party was, there was a waterfall room upstairs (at this point I change point of view to be the friend). Well, I head upstairs to this waterfall room with my boyfriend. There was a group of guys that were going around upstairs and killing people and we heard them, so I hid, but my boyfriend insisted that I was the only one that did because the door was locked and they would be looking around the room for someone. Well, when they opened the door the music I added to my friends cd started playing. The building started to destroy itself and start crumbling. I ran out the door and I stopped in the hallway to catch my breath and a "snake version" of myself came by me and told me the group was following me and to hurry. So I ran out of the building and to a house next door and there were a lot of people from the party there also. There was a little girl in the house and she looked at a mirror that was on the wall and this demonic image was there, not her. I yelled at the demon and then I saw/sensed it's spirit flying towards me and it landed on my head. It kept trying to enter my body, but it seemed stuck to the top of my head and that is when I woke up. I thought I would share my dream with all of you to get opinions. I told my stepmother about the dream and she has been having these type of dreams and she believes it is the house. From my time being in this I haven't felt much of a "bad" feeling but I have sensed spirits. Thank you for your comments in advance [emoji4]

Blessed be [emoji4]