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Hi my name is Robert, I'm 23, I'm clairsentient, an empath, and as far as I understand able to manipulate energy. I'm not sure what I am exactly. I have been able to astral project on a couple of occusions, I have been able to feel people's emotions energy and sense it and spirits and demons, I have also been able to send smells, images, and thoughts, and, read others thoughts, healing, and this last one I'm not sure about but, control people's bodies a teeny bit like twitching and moving fingers or things like a hand of foot

My entire life I have been under the impression that psychics are fakes.
I was born into a family that could see, hear, know things before, and, while they happened, atstal project, heal, and sense things within people.

Since it was my upbringing I naturally never questioned it. I always thought this is is normal everyone can do this stuff. My father's side just as I knew it didn't understand it or just didn't believe.

As time went on I began to question things like wow not everyone can. I associated with more people which led to cast doubt upon the whole thing.

I believe this came to be when I was about 14 15 maybe I started my journey then to disbelief and eventual belief the walk upon psychology and spirituality.

I've come to see things under anew light and I actually claim to be psychic now. Nonetheless I just wanted to put that out there. For anyone that disbelieves or wants proof of who I am. That way there can't be a shadow of doubt.

Whick leads me to this. I'm lonely it's sad being intelligent and spirtual with very few who understand. I'm just wanting someone who does and I can grow with and learn. I'd be greatful to hear back from someone and connect

Peace lol

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I can totally relate to feeling isolated and longing for connection with others who understand our abilities